Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Mexico City International Airport - (Benito Juárez)

Mexico City International Airport is the most significant airport not only Mexico but arguably the whole of Latin America. Serving a considerable thirty-five percent of all operations in the country, the airport established itself as a location for Mexican civil aviation since 1928.

The airport also goes by the name of Benito Juárez International Airport and presently serves around 26 million travellers each year.

Terminal one was constructed in 1951, up until that point the airport had been labelled as a military aerodrome from its inception in 1928. Terminal 2 opened in 2007 and became a major base for the Sky Team airline alliance.

Passengers are well catered for here, with three significant hotels connected to Terminal 1 alone, plus a further hotel facility in Terminal 2.

Mexico City Airport is a key hub used by SkyTeam members which comprise major airlines such as Aeroméxico, Delta Air Lines, KLM, Air France and Continental Airlines.

Interestingly, the most popular flight destinations from Mexico City International Airport are not American hubs, but domestic locations. For example; Guadalajara - Jalisco, Cancún - Quintana Roo, and Nuevo León Monterrey, all receiving over 1 million passengers outbound from Benito Juárez International Airport each year.

The Federal Government are planning on improving the airport's facilities and have created a separate site with information regarding this, but already onward travel from the two terminals is offered by connecting metro and bus services.

The IATA code is MEX for Mexico City International Airport, which has a time zone of UTC-6 (-5DT). Like many of a similar size the management operate two runways which saw precisely 378,161 flights in the year enabling considerable movement of goods and travellers. For 2007, the accurate statistics are 25,881,662 passenger movements and 405,536 tonnes of cargo.

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