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Barajas Madrid International Airport

Madrid International airport has been fast expanding with the operation of its new Terminal 4, since 2006. This modern facility with a wavy roof design and airy feel, practically doubled passenger capacity at Madrid airport.

Barajas International Airport is situated in the city of Madrid, the capital city of Spain.
Identified by the code LEMD and MAD, the facilities comprise four impressive runways, plus an equivalent number of terminals to match. On top of this, Terminal 4 also sports a satellite terminal.

The central location close to the city itself has been developed since 1928, with more recent addition of a further two new runways bringing the current total to four. During daytime activities, aircraft movements run at about one every thirty seconds. From July 2008 the airline Aeroflot will be adding to the collective bustle, soon operating from Terminal 1.

Being in central Europe, the time zone is UTC+1 (+2DT) which is suitable for business interactions, and many companies have head offices here in this important Spanish city.

A massively popular route flying from Madrid links Spain's second largest city; Barcelona. At its peak the route served almost a thousand departures per week, until the popularity was dented by the opening of a competing train service.

In terms of statistics, passenger movements reached 45,501,168 throughout 2006, totalling a staggering 435,018 flights!
Cargo is not neglected here either, with 333,137 tonnes being processed by the airport in 2005, facilitated by the two significant cargo terminals.

Map of Barajas Madrid International Airport:

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