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Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol - The Netherlands

While other European locations like Munich airport function with two runways and desire a third, Amsterdam’s Airport; Schiphol (code: AMS / EHAM) currently enjoys six, with plans for a seventh!

In fact all six runways can be referred to by their approach direction but also identified by a name too. For example, the 3.3 kilometre 18C/36C runway is entitled: “Zwanenburgbaan.” How cute!

The longest being 18R/36L or “Polderbaan,” which is a full 3.8 kilometres in length! All six runways are equipped with ILS (Instrument Landing Systems), and the smallest runway called “Oostbaan” is reserved mainly for general aviation. (Light aircraft and suchlike).

Passenger Numbers at Schiphol

With the global effects of the credit crunch and the economic downturn affecting all sectors not only aviation, it is perhaps surprising at how well Schiphol Airport is maintaining its passenger numbers. Experiencing only a 0.8% drop in passenger numbers from 2007 to 2008.

A cool fact about AMS is that it's the lowest of the world’s major airports, being around 3.4 metres below sea level in places.

Amsterdam's strength is not as an international hub, but as a European centre, because around 70% of passenger destinations served by Schiphol are to other European destinations. The airport is also home to the Royal Dutch Airlines; KLM.

Where cargo is concerned, Schiphol is a European powerhouse, currently moving the 3rd highest tonnage of cargo in all of Europe. This is facilitated by the massive capacity of the six cargo terminals here, and makes for very busy airspace.

The combination of the 48 million annual passenger trips and 1,610,282 tonnes of cargo seen at Schiphol creates air traffic at Amsterdam which makes for a fantastic array of aircraft for plane spotters to observe.

Video: Aircraft landing at AMS Schiphol Airport.

Map of Schiphol Airport

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