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Dallas Fort Worth International – USA

The enormous capacity of Dallas Fort Worth International gives it an enviable status on the world stage. Its huge land area of 18,076 acres is so big, that the airport footprint passes across three separate neighbouring areas and all three are stakeholders in how the airport is run!

Last year Dallas Fort Worth (code: DFW / KDFW) was the third busiest airport in the world for aircraft movements, thanks in part to the huge cargo activity at DFW Airport. Last year, of all Texas’ cargo, 60% went through Dallas Fort Worth. This includes cargo carriers such as; FedEx Express, Air France Cargo, Air China Cargo, Ameriflight, Cathay Pacific Cargo, UPS Airlines, for example.

As for passenger services, Dallas Fort Worth is a major base for American Airlines and a host of other airlines use this Airport situated in Dallas, Texas, including; American Eagle, United Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, to name the home services.

The website: has some interesting flight information and forum discussions pertaining to DFW Airport. Especially appealing is the live feed they have, which broadcasts radio interactions between Air Traffic Control (ATC) and aircraft using Dallas Fort Worth. The live feed gives an idea of how busy the airport often is.This idea is very inventive and gets top marks from anyone with a penchant for aviation, it is worth a listen!

DFW is quite a sight from the air as the seven, yes that is correct; seven runways serve some 60 million passengers each year, fed through the five on site terminals. As expected in paranoid America, security is tight, slow, and clumsy. But the sheer scale of this place enables almost 700,000 aircraft to take-off and land every year.

Map of Dallas Fort Worth Airport

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