Monday, 7 September 2009

6 Million Bags Lost in European Airports

A recent article from Travel Insurance Insider reveals that airport lost luggage is still a critical issue, despite the modern technologies employed within the airport terminals of Europe.

The staggering figure of over six million bags actually get lost every year in European airport terminals. This is despite the advances of barcode technology and automated conveyor belt systems which minimise the human involvement as far as practicable.

Statistics are sourced from the Association of European Airlines, which is a reliable entity with an overview of its participating member airlines.

Many passengers who travel through airports on a regular basis will have witnessed the seemingly mountainous stack of accumulated suitcases in a far corner of the baggage collection area. It is only when personal involvement beckons one to experience this element of airport facilities, that it truly dawns; how large a problem this is.

An arbitrary tot-up of personally witnessed unowned bags could fairly summarise a daily total of hundreds, only considering the one airport being travelled through! Here lies the statistical evidence; it's not hundreds; it's millions!

The outcome of this research singled out TAP Portugal and British Airways as the top two airlines at risk of loosing your bags, necessitating a claim on the airline passenger's travel insurance policy.

Read the full article here: Airport lost luggage insurance, by Travel Insurance Insider.

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