Monday, 6 July 2009

Toncontin Airport - Tegucigalpa Update

Yesterday saw
Toncontin's airport runway blocked by military vehicles as political unrest affects flights bound for MHTG (TGU), with all flights cancelled. Some 20,000 supporters of exiled Honduras President Manuel Zelaya were confronted by the Honduran army at the airport.

This informative article about Toncontin International Airport, reveals that the airport is equipt for both military and civil use. The unusual recent events however seem to have given precedence to the military capacity in this situation, as the airport has become the centre of attention.

Technically the airport was said to be open, however the military vehicles purposely parked across the 1863 metre runway in order to prevent the exiled President's private Venezuelan jet from landing.

For the travelling public, this incident will affect the following airlines operating a service to Toncontin International Airport, Tegucigalpa:

  • Aerolineas Sosa
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Copa Airlines
  • Isleña Airlines
  • TACA

Further information from Associated Press reports the President's jet circled Tegucigalpa, but later landed at a nearby airport:

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